Position Statement

Public Statement


Position Statement

My Core Beliefs

I believe the unique and historic mandate of our Constitutional government is to defend, preserve, and promote personal freedom and responsibility - anything less, or anything else is bad government.

I believe that Special Interests should not call the US Congress their home.

I believe government must decrease taxes and spending. I believe in "Fair Trade" and oppose government sponsored unfair "Free Trade."

I believe America is for Americans and that immigration laws must be enforced.

I believe the Federal Government's meddling in "healthcare" is unconstitutional.

I believe the "Federal Reserve System" should be audited.

I believe in personal freedom (minding your own business) and that government has become overly intrusive in our personal lives.

I believe our government should not promote exporting of American jobs.

I believe Education is local - not national.

I believe in economic freedom, therefore I support the Fair Tax and the abolishment of the income tax.

I believe our government is too intrusive in the affairs of other governments.

I believe in the "rule of law" and oppose political, corporate. and judicial corruption.

I believe to be prepared for war is the best assurance of peace,and the best way to end a war is to win it. I believe the "right to bear arms" is personal and constitutional.

I believe freedom implies responsibility.

I believe in the unalienable right to life, liberty, & property. I believe in America because freedom was born here!

      Declaration of Independence 1776, US Constitution 1787, Bill of Rights 1791.